displaced earth

2016 Soundzzz Competition entry for an artwork at the intersection of music and visual arts, initiated by Kunstmuseum Luzern and Lucerne Music Festival

Displaced Earth is a dynamic sonic land work that reconnects 10 metric tons of excavated earth to its original source through an internet-enabled audio feeback loop and two 5.5m x 2m x 1m sculptural horns. A microphone is buried beneath the excavation site and its signal is broadcast from a speaker located beneath the 10-metric-ton mound of earth installed in a gallery location. A second microphone is buried in the mound of earth at the gallery and its signal is broadcast from a speaker located at the excavation site. The two signals produce a feedback loop that grows over time and is amplified via two sculptural horns located at each site. Viewers are invited to travel between the two sites to experience the mound of earth, its excavation site, and the sound of its displacement. Through its minimal abstract formal language, a powerful sound, and the process of viewer circulation, this work is meant to channel a range of issues including yet not limited to resource extraction and consumption, human migration and displacement, and the spatial predicaments presented by digital communications technology.