waterfalls and fountains of new york city (2010) photographic series
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    These two photographic series were conceived of and created during the 2010 bp oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. 'waterfalls and fountains of new york city' consists of several digitally manipulated images appropriated from internet tourist blogs and sites. 'new york at dusk and dawn' is the result of a malfunctioning can of black spray paint being let loose on a book of nyc postcards.


    As much as our global environmental problems are economic and political, they are also symptomatic of a crisis in viewership. By its very nature, photography reduces the multiplicity of lived experiences to the singular experience of viewing a displaced image. As such, the seemingly opposed experiences of disaster and the idyllic are united in contemporary media experience. through a tour of new york city and a revision of olafur eliasson's renown public arts project, new york city waterfalls, these images are meant to contemplate such a crisis in viewership and to reinterpret scenes of the urban idyllic as disaster.