Patrick Anthony Monte
+ 49 151 718 31593 - DE
Patrick Anthony Monte is an American artist, designer, and composer based in Berlin, Germany.
His work is interdisciplinary in nature, blending approaches and media from architecture, performance art, computer programming, video, photography, and music composition. His projects have explored topics including language and censorship in news media, human-induced earthquakes, and international boundaries.
His public art works have been exhibited at international venues including the San Francisco Ferry Building in (San Francisco, CA), Aufbauhaus (Berlin, Germany), and Daegu Station (Daegu, South Korea). His art installations have been exhibited at the Asia Art Center (Gwangju, South Korea), Centro de Cultura Digital (Mexico City, Mexico), MUMUTH (Graz, Austria), Grüntaler 9 (Berlin, Germany), California College of the Arts (San Francisco, CA), and Southern Exposure (San Francisco, CA) among others.
His work been included in exhibition and festival catalogues including the Japan Media Arts Festival (2018 and 2020), the International Symposium on Electronic Art (2019), the Hemispheric Institute’s Encuentro 2019, and the International Computer Music Conference (2018). His works and writings have been published by ORO Editions, inForma, the Academy of Fine Arts Prague Press, Incident Magazine, Emergency Index Vol. 6, and the ICMA journal ARRAY, among others.
Patrick has served as a critic on architectural juries at the Vienna Academy of Arts, the Weitzman School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania, and California College of the Arts, and he has served as a guest lecturer at the Vienna Academy of Arts.
Artist Statement
My work is primarily focused on creating processes rather than objects. I believe that shifts in context, whether material, spatial, or temporal, open up spaces wherein the cultural values associated with objects can be revealed, questioned, and changed. I see my task as an artist as establishing the parameters for such processes to be set into motion in a public dialogue. Documentation, appropriation, and preservation are key strategies I use to extract subject matter and material from the world, which are mobilized and situated through performance criteria, coding, media installations, and other techniques. I choose subjects that highlight disjunctions between technology, history, environment, and aesthetic experience. Recently, these have included the largest human-induced landslide, anthropogenic earthquakes, internet news media streams, and international boundaries. I hope that my work can contribute to understandings and experiences of disturbed landscapes, surveillance, and geo-political spaces.

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